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Best Skin Specialist in Thane


Dr. Aditi Bhagat - Best Skin Specialist in Thane

Dr. Aditi Bhagat has completed her schooling at Holy Cross Convent High School, where she has been a merit ranker and school topper. She is a qualified dermatologist with good knowledge and expertise in both dermatology and cosmetology. Dr. Aditi is a well-known and best-skin specialist in Thane. She has presented papers at various conferences, like Cosdermindia, organized by the Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India, and the Bombay Medical Congress. She has published a paper in the Indian Journal of Dermatology on ‘A rare case of Epithelioma Cuniculatum’ and has also authored a chapter on ‘Behcet’s disease’ in the book ‘Clinical Correlation with Diagnostic Implications in Dermatology.’ She has written a chapter on Botox in the book ‘Aesthetic Dermatology: Current Perspectives’. Dr. Aditi has had the privilege of working with a renowned celebrity Bollywood cosmetic dermatologist, where she has honed her aesthetic dermatology skills. 

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Best Skin Specialist in Thane | Dr Aditi Bhagat
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Skin & Hair Treatments


Dr. Aditi was indeed the best doctor I’ve met.
She was indeed very understanding and helpful to have helped me even after her visiting hours.
She helped me with an issue that gave me sleepless nights earlier and with her correct diagnosis I was treated well.
Her treatment and the capability of understanding and explaining details to me were remarkable.
I would personally recommend her to any human who is facing issues with skin.
Thank you, Dr for your support

- Rutika Panchal

I have had acne problems for almost 10 years now. I visited Dr. Aditi for the treatment of acne and acne scars. With her medication and recommendations, I was able to see results almost within 20 days – it almost felt magical! It feels great to have almost clear skin after such a long time. Along with being the best in terms of treatments, she is also really sweet, friendly, and accommodating. Very grateful to her and really confident of her skills and ability! Highly recommend her! 🙂

- Deepika Nagarajan

Dr. Aditi is one of the best dermatologists I have ever met. I had tried a lot of medications and remedies for my acne and acne marks for many years but was never satisfied and couldn’t find any improvement. However, after following Dr. Aditi’s medications and recommendations, I was able to see the result in a month which was magical. Her step-wise treatment and diagnosis are very effective and efficient. I m very grateful to her and would highly recommend her.

- Deesha Patel

Dr.Aditi is one of the best dermatologists I have ever met. I had consulted quite a no. of dermatologists for my daughter’s acne, but was never satisfied & couldn’t find any improvement. The very first consultation with Dr.Aditi was so comforting. Her step-wise treatment plan & diagnosis is so perfect. She explains the condition so well. We feel so good meeting her each time. I would highly recommend her. I am so grateful to her. Thank you so much.

- Smitha Suresh


Improper or incomplete treatment can cause recurrence of fungal infection. A proper and complete treatment can always help to get rid of it.

An application of a Anesthetic cream helps to make skin numb and procedure becomes comfortable.

Scars of different ideology can be treated. The method of treatment depends on nature of scar. The aim of treatment should be near normal appearance at scar site as complete resolution of is seldom possible.